Topper design

The sailboat is designed in a way that it is an iconic single handler for junior, youngsters and lighter adults. Topper design is one-design and it is unique enough to be used in the racing competitions by the young and energetic sailors. It makes the complete sailing experience thrilling, exciting and enthralling, as it is lightweight hull it is fast for its size and is quite close to the waters as well.

Topper design is simple with the single hull and sail provider and it is also the cheapest single-handed racing dinghy. There are around 300 boats which are competing this year and around 173 boats for world championships. The capacity of this particular sailboat is 1 or 2 members and mast and boom are made of coated aluminum with blocks made out of Nylon.

The sailboat is made of polypropylene and it said that this is virtually indestructible and that clearly defines the durability of the boat. With the unique, style and design and the presence for almost 40 years now has made it famous in Britain. It is said that an incredibly high proportion of sailors have been for the RYA Transitional youth squads.