Dinghy sailing is quite an interesting water sport and it is a form of sailing where racing takes place. There are certain skills required for the person to sail the boat in the right way when they are racing. It is said that there is a set of rules for racing which should be followed while racing in sailing

Ireland Topper

Topper is one of a kind of boats which is used for sailing and it is basically used for dinghy sailing. This particular boat is 11 foot long and weighs around 95 pounds and is created by Ian Proctor. It is said that this particular Topper is a one-design boat which has sailed around Ireland and the England.

History behind Topper

It was created by Ian Proctor in 1977 as a one-design boat and it has been produced for almost 3 decades now. And apart from that part, there have been around 50,000 models sold so far and this Dinghy sailing Topper is built in the UK and owned by Martin Fry of Topper International Ltd. And this boat is predominantly used for racing and also gained popularity for people to learn how to sail.

Initially, the topper is said to be designed with a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) hull. On a later note, it was decided that the topper has to be built with injection molding using polypropylene. The polypropylene usage will make the boat durable enough for long hours of sailing and the life of the boat as well. Due to this specific change, there was a rise in the number of sales which the boat made post the transition.

In the year 2005, 4.2 square meters was approved against the regular 5.3 square meter sail. It is said that the smaller sail will be more effective than the larger sail. And the first ever 4.2 meters sail National Championship was held in the year 2010. This 11-foot long dinghy sailing boat is transportable by car as the mast can be split into 2 sections and transported easily with the help of Free Voice calls.

About IRL Topper

We are an association holding the competitions for Topper class sailors in Ireland, through the North and the South. Apart from organizing the competition we also train and support the Topper Sailors. Our team of sailors has grown to 100 and still counting from all parts of the country. All through the year, we promote events that will help the individuals to grow better in their own space and specialty with their explanation. And we promote around 3 different championships throughout the year in the country for the sailors to showcase their talent in Dinghy sailing and we are history in the making.